Takara Bio Unveils a New Open-Platform Single-Cell Automation System Compatible with Industry-Leading SMART-Seq Technology for Sensitive Full-Length Transcriptome Analysis at AGBT 2018

Mountain View, CA—February 12, 2018—To advance the understanding of cell diversity and how that diversity impacts complex cellular functions including interactions with other cells and molecules, growth, and disease states, Takara Bio USA, Inc., (TBUSA, formerly Clontech Laboratories, Inc.), a wholly owned subsidiary of Takara Bio Inc., is proud to announce the launch of the SMARTer ICELL8 cx System. The system will be presented to the scientific community at the Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) General Meeting in Orlando FL, February 12-15, 2018.
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This new open-platform, high-throughput single-cell automation system allows researchers to gain greater confidence in the results of their single-cell analyses by using innovative technologies that allow only the most informative cells to be processed and analyzed. While the system will come prevalidated with several SMARTer applications, it will also provide the flexibility to enable users to develop applications of their choice.

The SMARTer ICELL8 cx System includes a built-in imaging station and software analysis tool to visualize individual nanowells and process the images to differentiate single cells from empty wells or wells containing multiple cells. The multicolor imaging capability also provides the opportunity to perform applications like live-dead differentiation using suitable dyes. The unique imaging component differentiates this platform from other high-throughput platforms by generating cleaner data and eliminating background noise thus increasing confidence in the data obtained.

TBUSA is also proud to announce the availability of its SMART-Seq full-length transcriptome analysis technology on the SMARTer ICELL8 system. High-throughput single-cell RNA-seq has seen many advancements involving automation processes in recent years. Most of these high-throughput automation methods, however, have been limited by only allowing differential expression (DE) with end-capture methods such as 3′ DE or 5′ DE.

"Full-length transcriptome analysis has been repeatedly shown to have higher sensitivity in the number of transcripts detected. Moreover, full-length transcript detection provides the potential for greater biological understanding of both physiological as well as pathology conditions, for example by enabling splice-variant detection and characterization, or the detection of mutations or gene fusions critical in cancer progression," said Andrew Farmer, CSO/Head of Research and Development at TBUSA. "SMART-Seq technology, in particular, has been extensively demonstrated to provide excellent full-length transcript information."

"Takara Bio is dedicated to performing and enabling good science that progresses research in the biological sciences and deepens researchers' understanding of relevant samples. The combination of the SMARTer ICELL8 cx System and SMART-Seq technology continues our tradition of providing solutions that are powerful in the scientific community," said Carol Lou, President of Takara Bio USA, Inc.

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