Bactiguard Enters Canada

Bactiguard has partnered with HANSAmed Limited (HANSAmed) to enter the Canadian market. The process to obtain regulatory (MDSAP) approval and Canadian product registration for the BIP portfolio will be financed by HANSAmed and is expected to be completed within 2 years.

Canada has a population of 37 million people and the health care system has many similarities with European countries, where most of the health care is publicly financed. Provincial and territorial health care insurance plans ensure that all Canadian residents have reasonable access to medically necessary hospital and physician services without paying out-of-pocket. Supplemental health insurance plans are provided by most employers to cover items that are not eligible for public funding.

"We have found a very good match in HANSAmed – a partner with significant regulatory competence and a desire to grow in the market by adding value in the form of infection control. HANSAmed and their strategic long-term perspective mean that we are well positioned to succeed in the Canadian market", says Jonas Östregård, SVP Sales & Marketing at Bactiguard.

"HANSAmed has a strong growth focus based on selecting the right strategic partners. We are happy about the cooperation with Bactiguard because we see and increasing need for infection control, in light of increasing antibiotic resistance. By combining our local expertise with Bactiguard’s innovative solutions, I am convinced that we have a winning concept”, says Maik Rehfeldt, CEO of HANSAmed.

The collaboration is based on an exclusive distribution agreement for the entire Bactiguard infection prevention BIP portfolio in Canada, with products for the urinary tract, blood stream and respiratory tract.

Bactiguard and HANSAmed will both invest in the cooperation, whereby HANSAmed will finance the product registration costs, which are estimated at some CAD 80,000. Following a successful registration process, Bactiguard will supply products at an equivalent value of approx. SEK 550,000 to HANSAmed.

Securing MDSAP approval will not only give access to the Canadian market, but also open up the possibility of entering countries such as Australia and Japan. MDSAP will also be in line with future regulatory requirements in Brazil.

For further information, please contact:
Cecilia Edström, CFO Bactiguard, mobile: +46 72 226 23 28
Maik Rehfeldt, CEO HANSAmed, mobile: +1 905 399 2224

About HANSAmed Limited
Established in 1996, HANSAmed Limited is a specialty pharmaceutical and medical device distributor serving the needs of the Canadian dental professional community while focusing on meeting the specialized education and product-related needs of oral and maxillofacial surgeons, periodontists, general practitioners, and hygienists. Health Canada licences include DEL, MDEL, and NHP to import, wholesale and distribute drug and medical devices as well as the ability to package and re-label. In recent years, HANSAmed has expanded its services to include medical practitioners and is investing in the growth of this channel with a portfolio of new specialty products.

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